Rental Printer Service for Vessels

Rental Printer Service for Vessels

Rental Printer Service for Vessels is an innovative service that have never existed before. We solve all errors regarding printers, which have always been great trouble to vessel managers.

3 Features

Unlimited usage of ink
Troubleshooting support
Free-of-charge replacement at distribution sites in Japan and overseas

Suitable for superintendents and management companies who;

  • Purchase expensive ink in large amount in Japan and send it to ships on a regular basis.
  • Have wasted a lot of ink cartridges in stock when replacing damaged printers.
  • Have been seeing increase in ink cost due to increased amount of printing documents.

1.Unlimited usage of ink

Enough amount of ink for over one-year use is provided in the first supply (equal to hundreds of sets of cartridges). Even if on-board ink runs out, we promptly deliver new ink from distribution sites. You will be free from worries about ink cost from now on.
※1 It depends on the number of printers under contract.

2.Troubleshooting support (respond basically within 24 hours)

When a vessel has a problem with printing, we shoot the trouble directly by e-mails on behalf of superintendents who are not professionals of printers. *2 We aim to solve problems without frequent replacement, utilizing our rich experience in handling more than 3000 printer troubles since our establishment.
※2 We contact with vessels directly by e-mails only if permitted by their superintendents.

3.Free-of-charge replacement at distribution sites in Japan and overseas

Due to various expendable parts inside printers, there may be some cases that can’t be solved by email troubleshooting support. In those cases, we deliver new printers free of charge *3 from our distribution sites. In addition, if printers should break down within one year from delivery, we do not charge for shipping for replacement, either.
※3 Replacement printers are free of charge. In case the loading site is outside the service area of distribution sites, shipping fee must be paid by the customer.

■ Distribution Sites (As of October 10, 2017)
Japan / Korea / Singapore / Hong Kong / Shanghai / Qingdao / Shenzhen / Rotterdam / Houston

For detailed information on service areas of each site, please contact us.