Is it possible to cancel a contract during contract period?
No cancellation during the initial contract period (1 year from loading) is allowed. You can cancel a contract anytime you want after the first renewal of contract.
Do you have a refund system when a vessel is to be sold during contract period?
Let us know when you intend to sell a contracted vessel. A Contract Completion Certificate will be issued in the month of sales. With publishing a Credit Note, we will refund the amount from the next month of contract termination to the month of maturity.
Do you have a discount on yearly contract fee depending on the number of contracted vessels?
We have a discount system bellow;
・5 percent off for all vessels after the 10th vessel of contract
・10 percent off for all vessels after the 20th vessel of contract
・15 percent off for all vessels after the 30th vessel of contract
When contracts last for over 3 years, we offer additional 3 percent discount from the 4th year.
Can I get a discount for my owned vessels under different companies’ management?
If ship owners share a list of their owned ships with us, we offer them a discount for the whole vessels even if more than one management company is under contract with us.
I understand ink usage is unlimited, but how much ink for replenishment can I get on the first delivery?
The amount of replenishment ink on the first supply will vary on the number of printers under contract. We offer enough amount of ink that you will never run out of within one year (If you should use up all the ink within a year, the printers will break down). We have signed contracts with over 500 vessels so far, and never received ink orders within one year from the first supply.
When I want to cancel a contract on the expiration date, do I need to pay for sending the printers back?
No customers have cancelled contracts until now except when they are to sell contracted vessels. If you should like to cancel a contract because of a reason other than selling the vessel, there is no need to send the printers back. It would be appreciated if you could dispose of them by yourselves and sign a Certificate of Disposal which we will send to you.
Do I need to send back a malfunctioning printer?
There is no need to send back out-of-order printers. Please dispose of them by yourselves if our online and telephone assistance cannot fix the problem. We will soon send you replacements with a ‘Service Termination of Malfunction Printers’ and a ‘Delivery Receipt’ which describes the model numbers and serial numbers for both malfunctioning printer and a new replacement, requires the master’s signature. Since we manage information on all the printers on-board based on their serial numbers, we will remind vessels and their management companies of appropriate time for ink orders and replacement.
Can you visit my vessel to fix a malfunctioning printer?
Basically, we do not visit vessels for maintenance. We send replacement printers to vessels from our distribution sites in the world.
Do I need to discard malfunctioning printers without exception?
In case where a printer causes troubles within a year from the first supply or replacement, please send it back to us so that we can detect the problem. (We will cover the shipping cost.)
Do I need to pay for the shipping cost when I replace a malfunctioning printer?
As for delivery for the first supply, replacement printers and ink, we cover the shipping cost from our company to our suppliers in Japan, Korea, Singapore, Houston, Rotterdam and Qingdao who always have our products in stock. If you would like to receive our products in areas other than those above, the shipping cost is at your own expense. The number of distribution sites is on the increase; we are going to arrange our stock in Shanghai, Fujairah, Australia, Turkey and Panama in the near future. We will be able to contribute much more to your cost-cutting when the new sites get ready.
Which printer manufactures do you deal with?
Our research and tests have shown that the most appropriate printers for on-board use are BROTHER’s (for their maintainability, durability and anti-vibration ability). We basically offer BROTHER printers, but we can also provide EPSON printers if you would like to print on tracing paper.
How long is the average life of printers on board?
When used on vessels, BROTHER printers written above last for about 3 years.
How much cost can I cut if I adopt rental printers?
Vessels usually cost you the purchasing expenses for copy machines and printers (with FAX and scanning function), the running cost for toner and ink and troubleshooting expenses (loading/unloading and ship visits). If the total cost of those is higher than our contract fee, you can save the difference. More cost-cutting will be possible if you continue to use our service.
Why is it possible to reduce cost by using your service continuously?
After 4 years of introducing our printers and replacing broken copy machines, printers and scanners one by one with our products, the whole printing equipment on-board will be ours. Then no more dead stock of ink/toner (caused by compatibility problem due to printer model changes and difference between manufactures), vain efforts and loading/unloading will be an issue. Annual cost will keep decreasing from the 4th year. As mentioned above, we offer additional 3 percent discount on yearly contract fee, which contributes to your further cost reduction.
Can you calculate the estimated cost savings for me?
Yes, we can. Please let us know the number of printers/copy machines on-board, the number of annual printings per machine and the ratio of color printing to black-and-white printing. We will make a trial calculation if you contact us at:
Is it possible to introduce your printers to both newly-built and existing ships?
Yes, our service is available for the both types of vessels. Introducing printers to newly-built ships is more cost-efficient, because there is no need for time and money to spend for replacing old ones with ours. Printers on exiting ships need to be discarded as usual. In cases where our printers break down completely, please also dispose of them at your end. For printers which go out of order within one year from the first supply or replacement, we bear all the cost for disposal and delivery/loading of new ones.
Can I get a printer of the same model for a replacement? If the model changes in the future, is ink in stock compatible with the new one?
We basically provide the same type, same model printer for a replacement. When newer models are launched (around every 2 years), on-board printers will be replaced by new models. The only difference between the old and new ones would be the drivers; the sizes are almost the same, and you can keep utilizing the same ink you used for the old ones. You do not need to worry that printers go out of production.
Can I print on B5 paper size?
Yes, you can. Our A4 printers are capable of printing on B5.
Tell me about additional charges I need to pay besides contract fee.
Delivery/loading charge and customs clearance fee will be needed if you would like a delivery to a vendor in a country or area other than Japan, Korea, Singapore, Qingdao, Houston and Rotterdam where our stockyards are located (except in the case of breakdowns within one year from supply). If it requires loading charge even in those countries above, it must be paid by the customer.
I understand that you offer me enough amount of ink that I cannot use up in one year, but what happens if the ink will be gone?
We provide sufficient amount of ink for over one year use. If you do use up all of it within a year, on-board printers of our product should break down. No customers have ever made additional orders for ink within a year, and if you should, we might have to ask you to check if ink has been lost for some reason.
How good is your customer support? Are there English speakers available? Open for 24 hours?
E-mail support by English-speaking staff is available 24 hours a day (Replies will be sent within 12 hours). We also provide telephone support on weekdays from 10 AM to 5 PM. Our support centers are in Tokyo headquarter and Fukuoka.
Do you have any competing companies? Do you have an advantage over them?
We see ourselves as the only printer leasing company dedicated to vessels. Some foreign companies in the same business providing on-land leasing service seem to imitate our business model, however, they seemingly do not have sufficient support and delivery system like ours. Our strength is that we have over 30 years of experience in specializing in printers. Also, we are capable of reflecting feedback from people on the site, as we have an ex-superintendent working for us. Now the number of our contracted vessels is on steady increase. We are planning to negotiate directly with printer manufacturers and produce our original printers for vessels in the future.
What is included in a maintenance kit?
Our original maintenance kit includes the following:
・Cleaning sheet for clearing paper dust
・Waste ink bottles which makes it easier to dispose of waste ink (Waste ink bottles are normally built in printers and unable to be taken out.)
・Reset devices which resolves cartridge errors
・L shaped metal fittings to anchor printers in shaking ships
・Our original manual describing how to print, copy and scan

We are to meet customers’ need and enrich the content of maintenance kit.


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