Management Philosophy

Management Philosophy

Company Mission

Our mission is to provide solutions for various kinds of network and IT problems happening in this rapidly changing shipping industry. Based on our rich networks with countries and information-gathering ability, we offer each customer with tailor-made networks, office automation equipment and suggestions for IT management. We aim to gain reputation as the most reliable and comfortable service provider, and to relieve customers’ stress regarding IT, networks and OA equipment.

Company Philosophy

Our principle is to build trust with people from all over the world through shipping industry and cultivate international-minded human resources capable of bringing relief to customers.

Company Belief

We believe that the key to making more peaceful and rich world is developing international-minded human resources that can adapt to various changes, think in a flexible way and have strong will for the better future.

Our 9 Mottos

Article 1
We take actions thinking about how we would like people to say about ourselves in our absence.
Article 2
We always make remarks and take actions, considering how we should be recognized by other people.
Article 3
We set our goals with high motivation aside from personal greed and put ourselves in a situation where we can improve ourselves.
Article 4
We always try to be respectful, thankful and tolerant to our coworkers as we cooperate in the same company.
Article 5
We stay conscious of time and costs and focus on being efficient and productive.
Article 6
We express our opinions with clear objectives and will, keeping in mind that we should take responsibilities for every remark that we make.
Article 7
We learn how to tell our opinions to convince people with different values.
Article 8
We have close communication and frank opinion exchange with our coworkers to maintain peace and tolerant attitude.
Article 9
We trust our coworkers and give top priority to choosing actions to earn trust.