Message from President and CEO

Message from President and CEO

The rapid spread of information-driven society in the world will surely influence on-board environment. Despite the changing circumstances, Kairiki Corporation supports clients with promoting safer and more profitable IT so that they have less trouble both in on-board duties and ship management.

We originally started our business with development and sales of printing ink, and then focused mainly on leasing printers with our self-developed ink to business offices. Later, becoming acquainted with clients from maritime industry, we have been expanding our business specialized for vessels, meeting every customer’s need. Our main services now are as follows; leasing printers dedicated to vessels, selling computers for on-board use, developing networks inside vessels, introducing high-speed marine broadband and providing system software for ship management.

Recently, more and more clients have been asking us to handle the whole stages of building IT environment for newly-built ships, including offer and installation of OA equipment, construction of systems and establishment of communication. This service is renowned for eliminating excess time and cost in managing and operating vessels, because of our one-stop solution for any troubles regarding OA equipment and communication inside vessels. Customers can also receive all the paying bills at one time.

With our corporate philosophy “Building trust with people from all over the world and cultivate international-minded human resources capable of bringing relief to customers”, we keep on trying to contribute to making more peaceful, richer world.

We strive to create innovative services with brand-new ideas to earn trust of vessels from all over the world through our reliable services.